Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

Mori Hills REIT Investment Corporation and Mori Building Investment Management Co., Ltd. (the Asset Management Company) will engage in real estate investment and management, taking into consideration "the environment," "Business Continuity Planning (BCP)" and "maintaining and enhancing asset value," based on the Mori Building Group's "Vertical Garden City" urban design philosophy as the ideal model.
The Asset Management Company implements the "Sustainability Promotion Program" which is formulated every fiscal year by the Asset Management Company’s "Sustainability Promotion Team".

Summary of Policy by Item

The environment
  • Promotion of cities and nature existing in harmony by creating microcosms of nature through landscaping.
  • Promotion of low carbon cities by introducing various energy-efficient systems.
  • Promotion of resource recycling based on the 3Rs(reduce, reuse, and recycle)
Business continuity planning("BCP")
  • Enhancement of earthquake resistance, disaster supply storage facilities, emergency power sources and other tangible measures
  • Enhancement of the property management structure in the event of a disaster and other intangible measures
Maintaining and enhancing asset value
  • Investment in high-quality real estate
  • Implementation of appropriate asset value enhancement construction work
Common policies
  • Compliance and maintenance of management system
  • Implementation of sustainability education and awareness of building activities
  • Disclosure of sustainability information

Environmental Policy

1. Cities and nature existing in harmony

We create pleasant, verdant spaces where the chirping of birds and the singing of insects can be heard by leveraging the vertical plane in cities and creating microcosms of nature on the ground where people can commune with nature. Through these spaces we will foster environmental communities for people.

2. Low carbon cities

We will create cities with excellent environmental performance by matching energy-efficient systems to compact cities in which diverse urban functions are combined into vertical infrastructure. We will continue efforts to lower carbon emissions from operation through comprehensive, quality management of communities.

3. Resource recycling

We aim to build resource-recycling cities by promoting the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle).

4. Compliance and maintenance of an environmental management system

We will always keep our eyes on the trends in environment-related laws and regulations and adapt to any changes. Also, we will put in place and maintain an environmental management system in order to continuously improve our environmental enhancement activities.

5. Environmental education and awareness building activities

We will implement environmental education and awareness building activities for employees in order to improve the effectiveness of our environmental enhancement activities. We will also use our facilities to conduct environmental awareness building activities aimed at facility users.

6. Disclosure of environmental information

We will communicate with society by making efforts to disclose information, such as the environmental philosophy and policy, and information about environmental activities.

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